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When I went to go see The Devil Inside at the theater and waiting for the movie to come out I saw the Project X trailer. The trailer caught my attention and I knew that movie was a must see movie. I saw the movie on opening day, March 3.Project X is about a teenage kid named Thomas (Thomas Mann) who wasturning 17. Apparently his parents anniversary was on his birthday so they left for the weekend to celebrate it. Thomas’s best friend, Costa (Oliver Cooper), took the opportunity to throw a birthday party. Thomas at first did not agree to it but Costa told him it was only going to be a few friends. In the end, about 1500 people or more went and his whole neighborhood was trashed.My favorite part about the movie was when they tied up Thomas’s dog with helium balloons and his dog was floating away. Thomas was able to get his dog down and did not think it was a very funny joke.When the little person was put in the stove, as a way to get revenge he drove Thomas’s parent’s car in the pool. That scene had me laughing through out the movie. This movie shows how crazy a party can get. By the end of the movie I really wanted to attend a party like that. The movie is rated R, for those who are old enough to see the movie I recommend you see it if you want to have a good laugh.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 

The big re-re-re-release of the wonderful Star Wars franchise have people wondering ‘What’s the big difference?” Now it is in greatly ‘improved’ to the Third Dimension!

I was pushed to watch this movie by a friend that owns the Blu-ray edition. It was a cold windy Saturday afternoon. I was sitting casually on the bus waiting for our arrival to the theatres while my friend is all jumpy with excitement to watch Episode 1 for the 30th time.

When I was in line to buy the ticket and receive my majestic 3-D glasses I remember seeing little children with their probably older Star Wars lover parents.I sat down expecting the same beautiful colors that were in the Blu-Ray edition and that is what it was … mostly.Before watching it I was kind of hoping that a light saber might poke out at me from the screen but it never happened.Big scenes like the Pod Race, The Battle of Naboo, and the Jedi Battle had the most 3D force. The 3D did make those scenes more interesting but I wouldn’t say they needed to be re-released for it.All together I was actually more interested in the 3D version than I was with the Blu-ray even though it was mostly the same thing.If you haven’t seen Episode 1, I would recommend going as long as you are wide awake because some scenes tend to move kind of slow. If you have already seen Episode 1, you should go if you have extra money laying around.




Ever since I saw the 50/50 trailer in theaters months ago its been one of the top must see movies on my imaginary must see movie list. 50/50 just came out on DVD on January 24th. 50/50 is a comedy about a guy, Adam(Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who hascancer, and Kyle (Seth Rogen), Adam’s best friend and how they deal with the situation on hand. Past movies with both of these actors have been great and I came in expecting nothing less.It sounds like really sensitive territory for a movie to be about, but this is not like your everyday normal television shows that are meant to make you cry every second; it is actually a hilarious and heartfelt that anyone with a working heart is guaranteed to love.What was really amazing is that 50/50 is based around a true story.The screenwriter Will Reiser really was diagnosed with spinal cancer a couple years back. Seth Rogen was there with Reiser the entire time never leaving his side. Reiser was cured in the end like his character in the movie.In the end, this movie made my eyes sweat and my lips quiver. I would recommend this movie to all and give it my guaranteed seal of approval.


Isaw the trailer for Chronicle on my TV during a commercial break. At first I thought the movie was going to be cheesy but when I saw it, it was actually a really good movie.Chronicle is about a teenager name Andrew (Dane DeHaan) who gets beat up by his drunk father so begins filming in his house. Eventually Andrew takes his camera everywhere with him.Andrew and his cousin, Matt(Alex Russell), go to a party in a farm. Matt and his friend named Steve(Michael B. Jordan) find this hole on the ground and tells Andrew to record everything. Down there something happens to the three of them. They begin to have these strange powers that gives them the ability to lift things.Andrew becomes more powerful then the other two and takes his powers to the next level. With a sick mother at home, Andrew begins to rob people’s money and when he tries to rob a gas station things go bad.My favorite part is when they go to a market and start pulling pranks on the people there. A little girl was at the toy section and Andrew makes a toy teddy bear float which makes the girl scream.The Chronicle is a thrilled action movie yet funny too. For those who believed Chronicle looks like an uninteresting movie, it is very much the opposite. It is a combination of a good laugh and excitement.

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