J Cole: Crooked Smile

Album: Born Sinner

Realeased date: June 28,2013

Genre: Hip-hop



About the artist:

Jermaine Lamarr Cole better known by his stage name as J. cole born in Frankfurt Germany in January 28, 1985


About the song:

The music features a catchy beat and catchy lyrics with women singing in the background. The music video concludes with a message dedicated to Aiyana Stanley-Jones, a seven year old girl who was killed during a police raid that took place in her grandmother’s house. This was took place  in Detroit during the year  2010. J cole wants to raise awareness on the government’s war on drugs and those innocent life’s lost in the battle.

2 comments to “J Cole: Crooked Smile”
  1. You should really change your title, at first it sounded so random and I actually thought you were talking about how this artist had a crooked smile. Could be “(artist name), new song: Crooked Smile”. It was an interesting topic to write about, but it seemed like the video did most of the work for you. Your article was basically composed of a few sentences and a title; if there is anyway to put more detail or possibly talk about more songs then you should do it. You can also go around and ask people what they think about the song so it can be relevant to APB students because at this point it isn’t relevant to APB students and it should be because the newspaper is called “The Gryphon Gazette”. So make it connect to the Gryphon students. I look forward to reading your second revision, if there will be any.

    • Thank you a lot for your wonderful feedback and we will be more aware of what is being asked because the newspaper is, after all, for all topics related to APB students and the impact it has on their lives, so thank you for pointing that out. Also we will be doing a second revision now that we know what to focus on, so please keep looking forward to it.
      Thanks once again for the very helpful feedback,
      The team

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