Rigo’s Tacos Review


By: Miguel Verduzco, Gerardo Rocha

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Rigos Tacos is pretty spectacular when it comes to cooking authentic mexican food and is just a few blocks away from APB. It’s great for having breakfast on wednesday during late start and even lunch after school with friends. One good thing that Rigo’s Tacos has is the sanitary inspection grade it has a “A” so it is a very clean place. It’s open from 8am to 11pm and overall have friendly restaurant employees. The theme of the restaurant makes you feel like you’ve traveled to mexico by just stepping in. It’s really tidy and has little games so that kids can play while the adults continue to eat and conversate. They have a mural of Pancho Villa on the wall that’s pretty spectacular as well as the map of Mexico. The nearest Rigos Tacos is located on Firestone BLVD. and Bandera st. you can call and order your food at home so that it can be ready when you pick it up. Phone:(323) 583-9657 There are 8 different Rigos tacos in California. Rigos Tacos provides coupons on there website for specials involving a Double Bacon Cheeseburgers or 8 Tacos with two sodas or two Agua frescas. They must be presented at the restaurant and can only use one per person. After asking the employees what they recommend to first timers at the restaurant they responded any of the tacos are delicious and not disappointing.  

Burrito de Asada

Based on my experience at Rigos Tacos the Burrito de Asada has been the best burrito I’ve tasted so far. Even the salsa I received was what I call “fire” it was both spicy and mouth watering delicious. The great thing about ordering at Rigos Tacos is that like subway you can ask for a little extra of meat or any other ingredient or to remove an something you dislike that’s already added. The price of the burrito was 6.99 plus tax with rice, beans, onions and hot sauce with no drink. To add extra meat is two dollars and to get a burrito with only meat is 10 dollars. Pricey but satisfying. The french fries that come with the combo are great in taste but lack on the width because there rather skinny and lengthy.  

Menudo & Tacos

From my experience I have tried the menudo and the tacos. The menudo there is good but is not the best that I have tried. The price of the menudo is $10 plus tax. The tacos there are delicious there are many variety of tacos pollo, lengua, chorizo, carnitas, etc. The best for me was the tacos de asada the meat is cooked well, you could ask for extra meat but you have to pay extra. The price of the tacos $1.79 per taco plus tax. The tacos are pretty expensive but it is worth it. The sauce they put on the tacos taste good but the sauce is spicy, so I would recommended for those who like it hot sauce only. Every bite that has the salsa on it makes a sweat gland slide down your face but it only makes you wanna bite it more because of how good it is. I would recommend Rigo’s Tacos to everyone and if you don’t want tacos they have other orders you might like. For example, they have hamburgers, quesadillas, and many others.



After eating in Rigos Tacos despite the price, I highly recommend student to eat here because it’s convenient for both having a satisfying plate and is better than other expensive restaurants that cost 50 to 100 dollars a plate. Last but not least the refreshment verity goes as far as sodas, agua frescas such as Horchata, Jamaica, Agua de Piña, Caret Juice, and lasty Orange Juice.  

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