Top 5 Places to Visit in California

By Erika Tejada and Betzy Antonio

5 Places To Visit In California


Nowadays, many students stay indoors and entertain themselves with only technology. The majority of teenagers do not like to experience nature and the outdoors. This is a list of entertaining places in California to visit on your weekend. If you go to any of these places you will surely have an interesting, fun, and memorable weekend.

          1.Disneyland: Opened in Anaheim, 1995, Disneyland, the creation of Walt Disney, includes castles, coasters, and characters from all the famous films. Some of the famous landmarks in Disneyland are Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Cinderella’s castle, and the Matterhorn Bobsleds. The tickets usually start at the price of $124 for a one day one park ticket, the price gets higher for more access to the park. It is worth to go at least once to this park and experience the magic of the happiest place on earth.

          2. LACMA: The Los Angeles County Museum of Art was founded in 1965, in Los Angeles. LACMA includes famous exhibits that have things from persian carpets and japanese paintings, to chinese pottery. Tickets for adults are 15 dollars but kids 17 and under are free. Take a day to go to LACMA and appreciate the beauty of art in Los Angeles.

          3. Hollywood walk of fame: Located on Hollywood Boulevard, the walk of fame contains approximately 2,600 stars with the names of famous celebrities. Surrounding the walk of fame are plenty of eye catching and entertaining stores. Not only can you look at your favorite celebrity stars but you can also enjoy the theaters, restaurant, and hollywood merchandise stores. There is no fee to go to the Hollywood walk of fame so you can enjoy the day without worrying about your money.

          4. Universal City Walk: Right next to Universal Studios is Universal City Walk, a walkway that features plenty of entertainment. The city walk includes many forms of entertainment like the cinema, dining, shopping, and places to play.  Besides the cool cinema there are also places like the Bubba Gump Shrimp co., Dodgers Clubhouse store, and Johnny Rockets. The city walk is free to enjoy, the only difficulty is finding parking.

          5. Pacific Park: On Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Park is a great place to get away for the weekend.  The amusement park features rides, food, and shopping that appeals to everyone of all ages. Some of the landmarks of the park are the pacific wheel, the west coaster and the shark frenzy. Pacific Park has different types of fees, you can either pay for each individual ride that costs from $5-10 or an unlimited ride wristband for $30. The rides at Pacific Park are all cool and thrilling, I wouldn’t mind spending my weekend there.

    Even if you don’t go during the weekend this list may even be used for places to go during vacation in the summer. Whether you go to any of these places or not, I encourage you to go outside and discover your surroundings. Have fun, experience nature and its beautiful scenery. It is best to enjoy life while you are young and able to be worry free.

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