Pokemon legends of Arceus; is it a legendary game?


This was the promotional art for Pokemon Legends Arceus game that was revealed after the first trailer for the game.

 On January 28, 2022 Nintendo released the new installment of the Pokemon series with a completely different style of gameplay.

By Brayan Alonso and Francisco Serrano

This was the promotional art for Pokemon Legends Arceus game that was revealed after the first trailer for the game.


Pokemon Legends of Arceus is a completely new take on the old Pokemon game format, and many players feel it’s worth the play despite their criticism of the poor visuals in the game.

This year Nintendo released Pokemon Legends of Arceus that had a completely different approach to the almost 26 year old recipe. They completely remade the battle system, added new moves, created a new world, and more.

The game introduced a total of 16 new Pokemon forms including 3 new forms for the starter Pokemon, which brought a wave of criticism due to their completely different appearance and typings.

One aspect of the game that people really enjoyed is the new addition of bosses. There are 6 main bosses added into the game where the battle system was different from what the usual gameplay had. Players really enjoyed being able to dodge attacks themselves instead of sending in their Pokemon to do the work for them.

The map of the Sinnoh region has 5 main areas for players to explore.


One of the things that the community really enjoyed about the game was the open world aspects it had. After finishing the tutorial, the game lets you wander off and explore the vast lands of the world to fight and capture new Pokemon. In addition, the game introduced a total of 5 areas with completely different environments and Pokemon.

The game had elements that reminded some players of other games “It honestly reminded me too Breath of the Wild, which was a fire game” said an APB student.

However, the game does have a lot of things that make it “bad”. Multiple people who played the game had experienced the game crashing multiple times for no apparent reason. The constant crashing of the game made the game unplayable for some.

Another thing that people criticized about the game is that the graphics were not the best quality, which is what people expected to be better since the game was released on a console and not a handheld device like a DS or 3DS. Even in the trailer for the game, players were able to see that the game struggled a bit to run properly.

Something that a lot of players noticed was the lack of trainer battles. In the normal Pokemon games, there were constant trainer battles, but there were very small amounts of trainer battles in this game.

The inventory system is something that stays constant in all the games with the inventory being infinite, but that is not the case in this game. Players have a limited amount of inventory and if they want to expand their inventory, they have to pay with  in-game money.

Many people returned the game saying that the graphics made it unbearably painful to play “About 10 customers came in and said they wanted to return the game due to the poor graphics and constant crashing” said a GameStop employee

Before the game was even released, there was already a large fan base for this game. A lot of people were excited for the new forms of previously existing Pokemon. The community was excited that they were going to explore a new world that offered new things that previous games didn’t allow.

As of February 7, according to the Imagine Gaming Network (IGN), Nintendo was able to sell approximately 6.5 million copies worldwide and sales are expected to continue to increase.

For more information on the game check out the official Nintendo of America company website.