Are teens growing up too fast, or not?

Teenagers today are exposed to more explicit, uncensored material than before. Even underage teens are watching shows like Jersey Shore, Bad Girls Club, Real World, and South Park, which shows inappropriate content like violence and profanity. That can impact the way teens chose to dress.

Some adults may criticise teens because of the way they dress, but not all adults believe that teenagers’ unique style reflect who they really are.

“Clothes can and can’t define you” assistant Principal, Kuoching Ngu said. “Any students who wear hats doesn’t mean that they are in a gang” said Ngu.

Likewise, students also believe that the way teenagers dress does not express the type of person they are.

“l normally wear tube dresses to dances or parties, but just because other people dress slutty, doesn’t mean they don’t have good morals,” sophomore Melanny Hernandez said.

Through out the years parents have watched their children grow up to become mature adults. As they grow up they change there style and state of mind.

A parent of an Animo Pat Brown student said, “ Today’s’ teens don’t want to go out with the family anymore they prefer to go out with their friends .They also change the way they dress and start wearing shorter dresses” Maria Cabrera said in Spanish.

Students may not think the same way as adults. They think that they are growing up at a normal rate and are more mature as time passes “ I have more understanding of life and human nature than i used to at a younger age,” senior Emanuel Ramirez said.

Teens’ lifestyle today is very distinct from the teenage lifestyle of their parents.

Today technology is more advanced, meaning that teenagers are exposed to more inappropriate things.

”The Internet and new technology makes teens socialize more as well as help them learn things about life that I did not know at that age,” Animo Pat Brown parent Maria M. Cabrera said in Spanish.

New technology has both a positive and negative impact on students growing up mentally students become more attached to there phones, laptops and TV shows; however, not all teenagers are influenced by what they see in media and society.

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