More vending machines should take a bigger part in student life.

More vending machines should be put in the school so lines would be less chaotic and students could actual enjoy food that they buy and eat during school. Rather than them not eating at all or eating something they dislike. With more vending machines to choose from there is a variety of more goods to buy from. A study made by Jennifer Van Hook from Penn. State University revealed that students from fifth to eighth grade are not affected by the food they consume during school.

It has been a common belief that vending machines filled with great amounts of sweets and junk food are very harmful to the people’s health especially to the growing bodies of young children and teenagers. Students should be free to eat sweet or healthy  snacks whatever they want to enjoy during lunch.

More vending machines will lead to good outcomes, for example having shorter lines and a variety of snacks that students would enjoy rather than having to eat school lunch that most think is disgusting . A big issue with having only two vending machines for the entire school is that the lines get too long and people get frustrated with others when they cut in front of them.

Other students rather buy food from the vending machines here at school than get in the lunch line to get food because many students do not like the food provided for lunch.  Having only a few vending machines causes the line to be longer, however having more machines would make the lines shorter and students wouldn’t cut in line as often. It’s frustrating to be waiting in line to buy a snack because it’s a such a big line, with more vending machines one would wait less to buy a snack from the machines.

Some students do not eat before coming to school so its convenient for students to buy a snack before school to be more energized in class without the worry that it’s going to cause any harm to their health. Also if they have an exam they can only get lunch during the break, so it’s convenient that they always have something they can munch on from the vending machines. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day even though its not a whole meal it’s something students can eat from the vending machines.

The school would also benefit with more vending machines because they will have more money  for school activities with the money students put in everyday. Students deserve more vending machines here at school because students work very hard to get good grades and have made the school progress.

Vending machines would have a positive impact on students because it will not only allow them to enjoy a delicious snack but also have them eat healthy.

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