Rigo’s Tacos Restaurant Review


On Firestone and Bandera St. there’s a great family restaurant, called Rigo’s Tacos, with quality food and a wonderful taste of both American and Mexican cultures. The atmosphere of this restaurant is wonderful due to its traditional music; in addition, the colorful Mexican paintings on the wall add a colorful and humble appearance. Some of the delicious foods that are included in the menu consist of the Cheeseburger combo, who comes with medium fries, a medium drink. The cheeseburger consists of: freshly cut lettuce, sweet onion, and juicy sliced tomato with a secret sauce that is sweet but that also contains a spicy kick to it. The scrumptious meat in the burger is well done and accompanied with a traditional American cheese that melts as it is served to you. The burger buns do not crumble while you eat it; the sesame seeds add a great texture that you can feel when you take a bite into the cheeseburger. Furthermore, the salty yet crispy fries on the side also add a wonderful piece to the main dish. However, the meal is proportioned to satisfy your hunger and we rate this meal as 7 out of 10.