November is not only the time of the year to gather around the table and feast ; but also be aware of some of the most dangerous forms of cancer found in men. November has been re-written as Movember to commemorate men in a fierce battle against cancer. Animo Pat Brown has been contributing to this cause since 2009.  On this fifth year of participation APB has 6 brave and bold staff members contributing to the cause.

The rules of Movember:

  1. Once registered at each Mo Bro must begin the 1st of Movember with a clean shaven face.
  2. For the entire month of November each Mo Bro must grow and groom a mustache.
  3. There is to be no joining of the handle bars to your sideburns (that’s considered a beard).
  4. There is to be no joining of the handle bars to the chin (that’s considered a goatee).
  5. Each Mo Bro must conduct himself like a true country gentleman


The following teachers were asked three basic questions to understand their position on the cause and the contributions they will bring to this year’s Movember. The questions are in order as followed:

  • Why did you chose to participate in this year’s Movember?
  • Have you participated in previous Movember events at other schools, workplaces,  or conventions?
  • How will you contribute to this years Movember aside from growing your “Stache”?


First up is new Robotics teacher Mr. Rice

He responded to the questions posed by saying, “Mustaches are cool; like I lost my mom to cancer a year ago. I think cancer is awareness is important because it’s the deadliest. My dad has had cancer scares because he is at risk. I wanted to participate in other schools but they didn’t give much importance to it. I wasn’t really given a whole lot of direction, I’m willing to do other stuff. I just didn’t get much direction on how or what?”

He is no stranger to the Movember event and has been an active participant since his first year teaching. That is Biology teacher Mr. Daniell.

He replied by stating, “I like to support student council. It’s a simple and small thing to do to help out with this event. It’s a good cause and it’s not a hard thing to do.” His participation in other schools lacked because he said, “I never knew of Movember until I came to Pat Brown, but I feel like a lot of people already knew about it.” He says that his greatest contribution will be “when people ask me I’ll tell them all about it. I’ll tell them what it is, and what it’s for.”

Once a winner of the Mustache contest held at APB is our next contestant, Mr. Botello. He responded by saying, “Yes, I have participated 4 years ago here in APB. I won the competition 2009 and Mr. O came in second place . I have been telling my student about what happened with my friend, so they can tell the men in their family over 40 to check for men related cancer.” As we can acknowledge our beloved art teacher is trying to raise awareness not only at school  but also at student’s home.

Being a new teacher at APB this is his fist time contributing to the cause at APB. Mr. Villagomez responded by saying, ” When i was asked i thought it was a great cause.” He also said his reason was, “I can grow a great stache.” He also told us that he has contributed to similar causes but in a different way. he contributed to No Shave November in which you grow a beard. Who know that might be a future tradition at APB.

Now, the most chilling and motivating interview was done to the first woman contestant here at APB. Ms.Sienmiehtkowski responded by saying, “It’s something dear and near to my heart. My grandfather died of prostate cancer and last  year my dad was diagnosed with it.” She has been  contriputing to this cause for two years now.



Since the year of 2009, Movember was introduced to APB and it has become a tradition since. One of the most important teachers in APB who is not only politically and socially informed, he is the reason why awareness has spread throughout the years. That  is Government/Economics teacher Mr. Snyder. He was given 3 different questions from the other teachers and that is because it was not in our plan to write about him. But since Mr. Hartford briefly touched upon him and his involvement in Movember, this was a crucial interview. His questions were :

  • What made you want to bring awareness in regards to male cancers here to APB?
  • Where did you learn about Movember?
  • Since it has become a tradition to participate in Movember are you proud that so many student’s and teachers have chosen to participate?



It is teacher’s like Mr. Rice, Daniell, and all other participants that have spread awareness to all student of APB. It’s because of them why Movember is a tradition, and will carry on in the distant future.




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