New Bell System at APB

New Bell System at APB

By: Kimberly Herrera, Esteban Gomez, Monica Hernandez, Jennifer Zepeda Gonzalez


The 2015-2016 school year at Animo Pat Brown comes with new things, this year a  new bell system has been put into practice. The new system causes a controversy between students. The new system causes various noises that stirs up confusion and a racket at APB.

Before school, after lunch, and between passing periods the bells are heard throughout APB. After 4 weeks of the bell system put into practice, students have seemed to complain less often and have become more accustomed to the bell system.


Since the start of APB history there was no bell system in place until the 2015-2016 school year. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors were accustomed to the yelling of Mr. Hartford and Mr. Johnson for the bell schedule. Since this is the first year of high school for the incoming freshman the opinions aren’t as harsh from them. Most of the opinions come from sophomores, juniors, and seniors.


Now the new bell system comes with a few extras, for example a 15 minute detention if a student is late to any class after the first period of the day. Teachers are encouraged to close the door once the second bell rings even if a student is making their way to class. Once the door is shut there is no getting in, and that student receives a 15 minute detention that must be served with that teachers class they were late for or stay after school on Friday and serve their 15 minute detention.


When asked if there were any improvements using the bell system, Principal Hartford stated that, “Students have done a really good job at monitoring their own time.” APB has seen major improvements considering that the number of students late to class went down from “20-30 to 1 or 0 on average.” When the final bell rings, it will notify teachers to “Shut their doors when the final bell rings and if a student is not in the class when the bells rings, then they receive 15 minutes of detention that they can serve in guided study or after school on Friday.”


After interviewing Mr. Mendoza he said, “ More students are in class on time.” This indicates that the bell system in the school has helped students be on time and have less of a “Sense of urgency.” Overall Mr. Mendoza likes the new bell system at APB because students are on time more often than last year.


Yes, the new bell system at APB brings great debate among veteran students but overall the bells here are doing their jobs. So when students hear the bell they know it’s time for class.

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