Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a show that draws in the viewer attention immediately with it complex themes and deep sometimes dark statements about society and life itself. Black Mirror is a british television series that has become a netflix original as of its last season. Black Mirror is much like Sherlock in the way where each episode has its own storyline unrelated to the other episodes. There are around 13 episodes that span form 42 minutes to  89 minutes. What makes this show stand out from others is that each episode is a completely different experience. Each episode is during a different time with a different cast and even in a different reality. This show has been called a modern day “twilight zone” with amazing stories like its predecessor.

There are many episodes that leave you with a lingering thought that makes you question everything you know. An episode that stood out for us is Nosedive because of its relevance to today’s social society. In this episode everyone is rated by social media which controls their life because people focus on what other think about them. It follows the story of a girl trying to get her rating up in order to get a discount on a apartment. She monitors every one of her actions in order to get rated better but after getting into a scuffle with her brother she begins her “nosedive”. After a series of outbursts she runs into someone with a horrible rating and end up lowering completely. After all this she ends up with such a low rating that she is thrown in prison with another guy but despite all she’s been through she finds happening being free from people’s judgment.

This show is a great one because it gives you a new perspective about life and how you go living day by day. I know for a fact that it has slightly changed the way I do things. In the episode “Shut up and Dance” some hackers take over a kids camera from his computer and record him doing some inappropriate stuff so they use that to blackmail him into doing some crazy shit. After this episode I immediately put a sticker on the camera in my computer and there are other things that I’ve reevaluated because of this mind twisting show which is somethings that’s incredible about it.

Overall, in our opinion this show is one that should definitely be on your list if your want something that makes you think. This is the kind of shows that keeps you on the edge of your set the whole time full of suspense and intrigue.  

By: Bryan Coreas and Jeremy Gonzalez

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