Do you know your neighbors?

By: Paola Rodriguez and Jasmine Minjarez


In Riverside, on January 15, 2018, it was discovered that 13 siblings were held captive by their own parents for several years no one really knows for how long they been leaving in those conditions. Their parents would punish them by chaining them up to their bed for weeks or even months at a time. They were only allowed to shower twice a year. When they were chained, they were not allowed to use the bathroom. 


The smallest of the 13 siblings is 2 years old, while the oldest is 29 years old. In the total of 13 siblings, there were 7 adults, that all look much younger than their real age due to lack of nutrition. The only sibling who was found relatively healthy, is the 2 year old child.


The 13 siblings were supposedly home schooled, yet they lacked basic knowledge. The household seemed normal, no one suspected a thing from this couple, not even their family members, but was not. While the children will be torture, the neighbors had no idea of what was going on — they were as surprised as everyone since they only saw a happy family. That makes us question: do we really know our neighbors?


How well do you know your neighbors? You should rethink that. What if your neighbor is a psychopath, and you don’t know? Everyone has two faces: the one that they show the world and the one that they hide. We think we know who people are but once their true colors come out, you will be surprised. Don’t wait on that moment.


It’s better to know who is around you to be aware of your surroundings. There could be family that looks really happy, perfect but you don’t know what actually is going on inside their home. It never crosses your mind what type of family they actually are or if they are even a family.


If you’re uncertain of your neighbors, there are many websites that let you know if your neighbors have criminal records and let you know what type of people live around you. You can find out who lives around you, click here.  What if your neighbor has criminals record and you had no idea? Will you see them different?


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