Lunch Disaster

By Sarai Flores, Joseph Zapata, Edith Gutierrez.

The time was 11:40 AM. The students rushed out of class, eager to stuff their faces. The line was especially long this time around, as pizza was on the menu, but the pizza wasn’t coming.

The students, of course, wanting their pizza, didn’t really mind waiting a bit. So they waited. And waited.

It’s now 12:20, the usual time for our Wednesday lunch dismissal. Many have left the line accepting that lunch won’t be present, and that their time is better spent elsewhere. Other’s thought that the pizza was worth the wait.

Principal Reeds voice is heard through the intercom, mentioning that the scheduled pizza will be late today, and ensuring that food will be served before class resumes.

The clock hits about 1:10, and finally the pizza arrives. Students clap with joy, many join in on the line again. Reed again steps on the intercom, and states that lunch will end at 1:40. That is 2 hours of lunch, all because of late pizza. Student’s basically missed a normal class period.

What had to happen for our lunch to be late? Was the school not prepared? Who was to blame?

Well, the Pizza Hut actually.

After talking to Reed, we learned that the way we get our lunch is by sending our lunch calendar 1 month ahead to our vendor, “Better for you foods”. They have a partnership with Pizza Hut and Pick Up Stix.

“…so we give them our order and they pass it down to Pizza Hut and Pick Up Stix and make sure that it is ready and so something happened between the communication between them, where we have sent in our stuff with plenty of time but they missed the order”, said Reed.

When they did manage to get in contact, they needed 57 pizzas, and it just takes time. In the end, the company felt very badly, and compensated with a BBQ and ice cream on Friday, as well as a free pizza from Pizza Hut.