The sudden challenge to balance School life and Home life


The pandemic continues as students struggle dealing with schoolwork while at home.

By Joanna Moreno and Rousse Godinez

Students continue having trouble balancing school and home life since the start of the pandemic last march 2020 –


Ever since the start of March 2020, a global pandemic affected everyone. Government officials decided it was best for the people to be in quarantine and in lockdown. Many people had to close down business, lost jobs, caught the virus , experienced homelessness, even had trouble keeping food on their tables, and much worse.

For the students, from elementary to college, they now had to take classes online. Distance learning was a better  way for the students to attend class and did not require students to go to the campus to take their class, but from their laptops/computers to ensure no one was at risk of the virus. This was a new experience for those students who now had to do school work from home.

Learning from others, distance learning has been somewhat rough throughout quarantine. Trying to separate school life and home life is pretty difficult since people have chores to do at home. Some students have to help their family, take care of siblings, some students even got jobs to support their family through the crisis.

There is more struggle with balancing school and home life,  Many non-students are unaware of how much more responsibilities were put on student’s shoulders because of the global pandemic. Students shared how they deal with having school at home and during a pandemic.

One APB student says,”The pandemic has impacted me negatively but also positively. It was hard getting used to just staying home and not being social with people. The pandemic has helped take control of my own things like making time for school, chores, hobbies, etc.”

Other students felt differently, for example this APB student who wrote,” Distance learning has been hard because I get distracted by the things around my house.” Another student also stated.”Distance learning has given me a lot of time on my hands, and while that may be good, too much time is unpleasant.”

As for explaining what they would change, they’ve started wanting to change the amount of assignments that is given to them. A student said,”I’d like less work from school as it is hindering me from enjoying my day most of the time. “ Not all students are having the same amount of time to finish up assignments that are due on the same day.

There was a common sense of burnout because students were trying to somehow find a balance between their home and school life which have now been mixed up and become increasingly difficult. They all had different ways to deal with lack of motivation or burnouts which can be useful for other students. Drawing, Watching TV, taking naps or exercising helps one deal with the stress from school

Schools are trying their best to accommodate the students to make distance learning easier and less of a stressful task, it is still of course hard to focus.

Things like school work when students are losing their loved ones, having to stay home all day, are being piled up with constant responsibility, and not to mention how hurt the outside world. This of course brings a huge effect into the students mental health and stability.

When being surrounded by so much pain, panic, and conflict, it is difficult to see school as a priority but of course, somehow finding a way to balance school and home is a difficult task students have had to work through for almost a year now since the pandemic first began.