Life skills students need to know before going to College

It is nearing that time of the year where seniors nationwide are preparing for the transition into College and are worrying if they are prepared. 

By Brayan Alonso and Francisco Serrano

Some basic skills that many kids lack are how to do their laundry, do basic first aid, how to cook a simple meal and more – Karen Cox

High school seniors are transitioning into a different life where they will have to be independent and do things that they have never done before such as knowing how to fix a car, going shopping for food, and doing their laundry properly. 

Teachers at APB who had recently finished college had stated that college freshmen should develop a lot of skills such as doing laundry, financing money, and staying organized. 

Paying bills, grocery shopping, and fixing cars are things that students should learn when they enter college because they are going to be more exposed to the outside world and these will be their responsibilities to handle. Most students entering college probably didn’t know how to budget when going grocery shopping, but that task is more important to learn because people are going to be tight on money.

 “Join a club, explore the community, and try to make new friends that you didn’t know in high school. A lot of seniors graduating in 2022 were not able to join many clubs due to the covid-19 pandemic in their junior year, but college is an opportunity to join clubs and gain new experiences.” Ms. Magdaleno mentioned when asked about what college freshmen should do in University.

According to the Laundry Butler for you, 51.4% of men knew how to do their laundry before turning 18 compared to 67.6% of women learning how to do laundry before turning 18 -Laundry Butler for you

In this graph, from the article “How much Laundry does the average Person do” by the Laundry Butler for you,  51.4% of males learned how to do their laundry before turning 18, which is an important life skill for college freshmen to learn. In addition, a majority of women also learned how to do their laundry before turning 18. 

“I highly recommend that a skill that people should learn is how to manage their homework because unlike in high school there won’t be anyone reminding you to turn it in and your responsibility is to turn it in on time” Ms. Magdaleno said when interviewed.

Now that most seniors are going to live off on their own, they need to understand the importance of managing money and spending money wisely. There will be times where college students will be short on money, but that could be avoided if they knew how to save up money and have emergency money for a time like that.

Ms. Magdaleno also mentioned about staying organized in college, she had said “My life is like not organized but my room was always really clean and like that to me that was important”. Organization doesn’t just have to be knowing what you are doing for the day, but also the physical atmosphere of your dorm, so it’s important to have your dorm room clean and organized. 

As a final statement Ms. Magdaleno mentioned how one of the most important habits a student should develop is to develop and start practicing self compassion in oneself because in university students mental health, as sad as it is, will be low and it’s important to try and not be too hard on yourself. 

Meal planning is another important skill that new college students should attempt due to the benefits it brings; for example it could reduce the amount of money you spend on groceries.

Meal planning also eliminates the worries of not knowing what to make for dinner, and can also help with starting diets by having you set a goal for yourself in advance. 

For more information you can reach out to your homeroom teacher for their experiences.


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