QuestBridge Scholar

An interview with Marilin Francisco, an APB senior, who got a fully paid scholarship for a 4 year college.

By Jennifer Leon and Maricela Ramirez

Washington University in St.Louis


An APB senior by the name of Marilin Francisco was accepted to the University of Washington in St. Louis, Missouri through the QuestBridge scholarship-it’s a full paid 4 year scholarship.

Marilin Francisco is the only student this year, in Animo Pat Brown Charter High School, to achieve a full paid scholarship to a school of her choice.

To congratulate her we decided to do an interview with her about how she is feeling about the scholarship and what she has done to achieve it.

Q:How did you apply for the Questbridge scholarship? Was the scholarship an opportunity that every student equally had?

A:I applied to quest bridge scholars through counselors at the school that invited a group of students to introduce the program and encourage them to apply. Unfortunately the program was only really open to students who had 4.0 or above and those who were in the questbridge scholar program during junior year.

Q:What was your application phase like? Since you mentioned the councilors helped encourage students, did they also help with this process?

A:The application phase was majority filling out information regarding hobbies, family life, volunteering, academics, etc to give the program a better understanding of who I was as a student and outside of that. It was especially exhausting as the information required was tedious in parts like family income. The counselors helped in a sense but this was mainly something I had to do with my parents as it required a lot of their private information and mine.

Q:Was Washington State University the only College/university that accepted you with the 4 year scholarship? Were you able to choose between any option you may have had? 

A:Since I was notified of the school that did accept me for the scholarship I was unable to view any other offers that I may have received as it was required to withdraw my application from other institutions. Since Washington was the first University to notify me about the full ride scholarship I immediately took my chance and decided to accept which is why I was unable to view any other offers.

Q:What would you say were some benefits that the program was able to provide for the students applying? Was there a limit to how many schools you were allowed to apply to or any negatives that came from applying to too many schools?

A:The program allowed me to apply to twelve of the plethora of universities included in the program as well as schools outside the program. Some benefits of the program included a four year “ride” that will fund my days during university. Another would include connecting me to similar individuals that also received this scholarship.There weren’t any particular disadvantages that I would note aside from not knowing which other institutions I could have attended if not for the scholarship. As for the limit I wouldn’t really say there was one since I was able to apply for over 30 different schools.

Q:As far as you’re aware, how many people, including those in our school or not, were able to get the Questbridge scholarship?

A:Aside from me, about 60 or so other people received a similar scholarship for the same school. In total 1,674 or more students received a quest bridge scholarship.

Q:Was Washington State University your dream school? If not, did you have a dream school or were you hoping to get a full ride to any school?

A:Although there were other schools that I did want to attend, I didn’t have a specific school I was aiming for. Regardless, I’m very enthusiastic to integrate myself in my new school culture. As for hoping to get a full ride, I really just wanted to make sure I could live a debt free life and not worry about it in my future and I’m glad this scholarship has given me the opportunity to do so.

We wish Marilin the best moving forward on her journey to adulthood!




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