Staying Focused for Finals

Tips on Ways Seniors Can Finish Strong

By Yasmin Aquino and Yocelin Flores

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Towards the end of the school year Seniors at APB start to feel the little energy they have left as they approach graduation and  approach the last of assignments that will determine their final grades making it  important to stay focused.

The last weeks of school are approaching for seniors, during these last weeks seniors tend to start to worry about their grades.

They start to turn in many last minute late assignments that teachers would like to be submitted before the final deadline as they focus on late work and making sure they stay on track to pass their classes. Energy starts to run low .

To ensure that we seniors stay strong until the end there are many things that a senior can practice to stay focused and not be so caught up in their head causing them to feel overwhelmed or begin to start to think so negatively about everything they are trying to accomplish.

Stay well rested

Staying well rested is one way that can ensure to stay focused to complete any necessary finals. Staying well rested ensures that you can be fully aware of the needed knowledge needed for the final either if it’s an exam or an essay that has to be written or an Socratic seminar in which you have to participate in in order to pass.

Prioritizing your study time 

Being able to determine what class or assignments will need more of your energy is a good way to maintain focus and decide what should be prioritized more.

Although it is important that you still give your best effort on any other assignments that are not being prioritized the most.

Meet with your teachers and counselors 

If you are starting to feel overwhelmed or that you may need help with certain assignments then meet with your teachers and counselors. It should be best to reach out either if it’s for assignments or if you think you need to talk to someone about any feelings you may have that are distracting you from completing anything.

Have fun and distract your focus.

It is important to still continue and enjoy yourself and go out and enjoy hobbies that help you to maintain good health and make sure that you’re not draining yourself on one thing. To distract your focus you can always switch up the topic you are currently working on since staying focused on one topic can get boring and the knowledge won’t really be kept in mind.

“It is best to set your mind to the finals and not let anything distract you, and it is important to maintain good health because being overwhelmed during important times can only show negative results and can have a toll on your grades which is a big deal as we seniors are approaching graduation, and for someone who is having trouble with work to talk to a teacher and maybe they can figure something out for you and help you,” a student at APB said.

“To not think too hard about it and  just try your best because although it is important to continue to stay on task it is also important to  always prioritize your health more because good health means better focus. For good results to stay focused they recommended to be well rested and stay off any platform that distracts you, “ a student at APB said.


In the end it seems to be that when it comes to staying focused for finals, it is always important to prioritize yourself before anything else and to keep things that distract you away.

It is important to stay focused for finals as finals are said to be the main part of school that seem to make students stressed or nervous. Staying focused and not letting unnecessary feelings get in the way in the final days of school is very important to not let grades be affected.


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