How to get a job before college

A guide made to prepare any and all seniors to apply for a job.

By Christian Arellano and Jose Hernandez

Indeed’s format of a resume./


Most, if not all, seniors are considering getting a job—it may be due to obtaining a source of income, contributing towards a goal or family, and or taking the initiative to pay off the incoming tuition.

The state of the economic world and the labor force is opportunistic for individuals seeking employment heading into summer 2022. Getting a job may seem complicated in hindsight but the process is linear and progressive.

Retail stores, fast food restaurants, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and janitorial jobs are seeking attentive and available workers. Former workers are stepping down due to the stress as well as the underwhelming compensation that the companies provide.

Going around the Florence-Firestone district, signs and flyers are posted on street posts, on the side of fast food restaurants, billboards, and on vacant fences and abandoned buildings—ergo, it’s abundantly clear that the food side of jobs especially are in need of workers.

The process is broken down into 5 separate processes; the online application process, screening process, employment tests, the interview process, and the hiring process.


To apply, there are a few ways to approach this process. The first way is by applying directly using the specific companies’ website, choosing the location and inputting the information.

The second way is by applying using a 3rd party job locator such as or zip The traditional way is by going into the franchise in-person and talking to the manager in negotiation for a job.

Regardless of the method to apply, the information required is the following: E-mail, a phone number and a home address. The information given is for the franchise to reach out to the applicant for further negotiation. When applying it is worth noting that the applicant may oftentimes have the choice to be contacted through Email, text and or through call.

Building a Resume

Getting a job isn’t easy so most applicants must focus on getting their resume done and done right. A resume, according to Indeed, “A resume is a document that summarizes your work experience, education, skills and professional accomplishments”.

Tips for writing a resume is that before you should brainstorm and write out important information about yourself; it can be related to your education or any important experiences like community service too. All are important but the main important part of your resume is the objective.

The objective is a statement that tells the job you want and any ambitions or intentions you have. It is also the first thing – above everything else – that your interviewer will see. One tip is to use the criteria of the job or specific role you’re looking for and mention it in your objective.

After the resume stage comes the interview phase. Everyone must prepare for their interview by first making sure they’re presentable and wearing proper attire. During the interview you should have open body language, maintain eye contact, and have an enthusiastic voice instead of a monotone voice.


Don’ts during the interview are the opposite. Don’t have a low monotone voice or the recruiter will sense the lack of enthusiasm and thus not have follow-up; do not wear clothes that lack casualness or formality—don’t wear baggy clothes—be presentable. And don’t simply be idle—engage and ask questions.

Benefits of following how to make the best resume will help for any future jobs you plan to have after. Especially in college when students will try to find internships and even after when trying to find a job for their career.

Knowing how to prepare for an interview also helps with finding a job that you want later on. Many jobs will require you to have an interview and based on how it goes will determine if you get the job or not.

Following the interview stage, the recruiter will decide and set the form of contact. There will be background checks, following interview questions and then the franchise will tell the applicant whether they will accept the applicant or not.

Assuming the applicant is accepted, the following stages involve the applicant providing information to the company to reassure and talk about paying methods, guidelines and then the franchise will finally make the applicant an employee.

By following these steps, you are guaranteed to get the job you want before college and even after college for whatever career you choose. Though, steps may be skipped and or omitted outright as during the state of the fast food industry demands employees and there is haste placed on the process.




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