Students take advantage of Homecoming Week

Homecoming week was last week and the students at Animo Pat Brown showed their spirit by dressing in fun and different attire each day. But many people are wondering if the kids took advantage of spirit week and used it as free dress.

During spirit week, students were allowed to dress in any of the four themes. The themes were, Pajama Day, Wacky Tacky Day, Sports Day, And Spirit Day. Many students participated in the school event, But some people are saying that the kids took advantage.

“For spirit day, yeah they did take advantage,” sophomore Ashley Lemus said. “ I didn’t take advantage I came in blue, like all blue…I have a lot of school spirit.”

Others believe that nobody took advantage and that everybody had school spirit.

“I think that in general, people wanted to participate, even if they were in free dress,” resource teacher Marissa Martinez said. “I’m gonna say, because I want to believe, that their intention was to participate.”

This is not a problem only found at APB, a junior who started this year said the same thing would occur at her previous school.

“I went to Ralph Bunche, they would do the same thing.” Said junior Sarai Suy.”It was like whatever over there, nobody really listened and dressed however they wanted.”

Some students even admitted to taking advantage. They say that they did not even care about the meaning of homecoming week.

“I kinda just wanted free dress.” Said junior Alexis Valdovinos. “i dressed like whatever i wanted, i wore a white an blue shirt, it wasn’t even the school colors.”

It’s hard to tell how much kids actually followed the rules and dressed in school spirit, but it’s obvious that many people decided to come in free dress. Some of the students do participate but most lack in school spirit.

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