Elections have a greater impact on students than they appear

The elections come with new and old candidates with new reforms on immigration, education and the economy.
These new reforms will affect many Americans, especially teens. Both legal and illegal teens will be greatly affected by these reforms.
Even though most teens aren’t allowed to vote, they are still a very important part of the presidential election. Most teens like Senior Osman Samayoa and Junior Jo
se Ron have different thoughts on the 2012 elections.
Who are the presidential candidates?
The 2012 presidential candidates are Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Both candidates have very different reforms on all three topics.

Romney is a Republican running for president. Romney plans on not granting amnesty to illegal immigrants in the United States. He believes that they “cut in line” and don’t deserve amnesty.
This will greatly affec
t teens, especi ally illegal teens because it means that they have a chance of being deported. This would also mean that their family and friends are at risk as well.
Romney’s plan seeks to reduce taxes, spending, regulation, and government programs. This may affect teens because their families may be dependent on those kind of government programs. If these are programs are cut, it may lead to some economic problems for all families.
And finally, an education reform that Romney has is that he will also ensure that students have diverse and affordable options for higher education to give them the skills they need to succeed after graduation and that, when they graduate, they can find jobs that provide a rewarding return on their educational investment. There are many Republican supporters out there but one supporter in our community is Osman Samayoa. Osman is a Senior at APB that supports Romney’s proposals and ideas. “I support Romney because his ideas have totally changed my life. When i heard what he has in mind, I agreed with most of them.” said Osman.However, Obama has different proposals. Obama plans on granting amnesty to immigrants. He believes that Americans who are studying or who have an important role in today’s economy should be granted amnesty. There are many immigrants in the us today.
Junior Jose Ron is one of them. He is one of many illegal teens in the us today that attend school on a daily basis.
When interviewing Jose Ron he says that if he had the choice of voting for any presidential candidate, he would definitely vote for Barack Obama.
“I would vote for Obama if I could. I think hes trying his best to help immigrants in the United States to gain amnesty.” said Jose.
There are much more teen Obama supporters out there that would definitely vote for Obama if they could.
Another proposal that Obama has is that he wants to expand support to help more students afford college, while calling for a shared responsibility in tackling rising costs.
This will definitely help teens in the U.S because it will help them afford college and avoid any hectic fees. On economy, Obama plans on investing in students education therefore creating more higher paying

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