Recent facts on two washed up Oarfish and general facts



Many will ask themselves,”What is an Oarfish?” An Oarfish is a majestic creature of the deep sea that could be found near the equator or near their reproductive site in Mexico from July until December. Oarfish can lay close to a thousands eggs and can grow up to 50-feet but are preyed on by sharks and bigger sea creatures. In mythical times, the Oarfish was said to sense earthquakes or seismic activity, making it somewhat ironic that what they supposedly sense led to their sudden death. These fascinating creatures are rarely caught alive.┬áRecently, two Oarfish were found dead on the shores of two local areas. The first Oarfish was discovered by a snorkeler by the Catalina bay area, the female Oarfish measured 14-feet. The second creature was discovered washed up on shore of Oceanside, California. The deaths of these mysterious fish were caused by seismic activity in the waters,which caused the pressure in the water to extremely increase. This sudden increase of pressure caused the creatures to become disoriented and suffer from trauma, which might have caused internal damage. They were taken by scientists to conduct further studies on these creatures.


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