One reason more to look out for air pollution

The brain is an essential organ to the human body and yet we are exposing it with the simple air we breath. Researchers believe that the worlds increase of air pollution may be linked to the rising rates of central nervous system diseases which involve the brain and spinal cord according to Fox news reporter Loren Grusn. Some examples are schizophrenia, autism and Alzheimer’s. In her article “Air pollution exposure” they also mentioned  that constant inhalation of  pollution can lead to the enlargement of brain ventricles which links to Schizophrenia and Autism. USC scientist Campbell and Volks studied 408 students between ages 2 and 5. Of those 252 met the criteria for autism.

USC showed research that proves air pollution increases risk for autism among those who carry a genetic genotype. Research shows children with the risk genotype and high air pollution increased risk of autism spectrum disorder.  Young children with difficulty with language, communication and interactions with other people are usually early signs of autism.The term “spectrum” refers to the wide range of symptoms for autism



Current biology and anatomy teacher Ms.Ohara, gave her opinion on this investigation. she said,

“They should continue research. It needs years and years of research and more data based on it”

 According to research from AAAS in Chicago, a experiment on mouse models which demonstrated enlargement in the brain ventricles.This enlargement seem to be cause because of the high pollution that they were exposed to. Although there were other damages found the lateral ventricles were significantly damaged.


So why is this important? Well, along with cerebrospinal fluid, the brain ventricles help protect the brain from other damages. However, if the brain ventricles get excessively big it would delay the central nervous system development because it would get to swelled up. This delay can bring consequences like Autism and Schizophrenia.

Higher risks would be for those near highways, Downtown, and any other highly active areas.

Ms. Ohara’s response was, “ I have also heard of autism being linked to pollution. I don’t think officials should discourage drastic changes though but  I would personally not live near a freeway”

This is just another reminder that the harm we do to our world backfires. We must learn to take care of the world we live in in order to continue living a healthy lifestyle. By harming our world we are harming ourselves and our future generations. We can begin helping, by taking the bus or carpooling. All it takes is our determination.


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