LAPD funerals

Thus far in the year Los Angeles has had to mourn the deaths of several officers. The reason of the deaths of those officers vary in each case. In the last two months the city of Los Angeles.”White-gloved officers again rolled a casket to the front of the downtown Los Angeles church.”(Police officer mourned as chief asks ‘when is enough, enough?’). Officers as well as the family members and the community feel the loss of the officers. The officers put their lives on the line day in and day out in order to protect the people of Los Angeles.

“I think I speak for a city that is, of course, sad, but is also angry,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said. “We are sick and tired of burying our city’s finest.”(Police officer mourned as chief asks ‘when is enough, enough?’). I believe the mayor is speaking for most of the city with what he said. The year is barely in May and we have lost many of our city’s finest whether they have been killed on purpose or by accident or just of a natural cause has been the situation in many of the cases.

What will happen after these deaths is yet to be known? How will we protect our city’s finest if we plan to keep them alive and well?


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