Police Harassment on Alford

By: Joann Rios

Has LAPD abuse their power? Recently wide amounts of abuse has been seen coming from police officers, though no actions have been taken in order to end this issue. Police officers tend to go by and visualize what one is doing in order to catch him/ her on any violations, for example in the Alford case. While riding his bike, Alford was chased down by police officers in South L.A., which ended as a brutal harassment.  Even after his abuse, police officers still harass him after suing LAPD. Officers have constantly been on track of him, Alford explains on his earlier interview. With details, Alford explains what happened to him.


Alford states his situation in which he was first was assaulted by police officers. Clinton Alford was riding his bike when he was met by police officers whom yelled for Alford to stop but with only noticing the terror, Alford continue pedaling. Police officer was able to catch up to the bike and get a hold of it, while Alford was trying to escape. After being captured, he was brutally harassed, in which after so long continues to be observed and abused.


Recently police officers have been caught in the action of harassing people, more in general minorities. Now when you turn on your tv, all you see is evidence of a person being abused by a police officer. Supposedly, police officers are obligated to do such actions in order to make everything under control but in most issues police take advantage of the power they are given. Its time to take action and end this type of abuse towards people. This type of problem is not only great example of the racial discrimination we have nowadays, but also the overpower that police officers are granted with.

“He should not of been harassed, probably was harassed because of his skin color” says  junior Kevin Rosas. Further senior Yolanda Miranda, responded “Alford shouldn’t of been harassed, shouldn’t of been discriminated, don’t see him as regular person”. Clinton Alford was another victim of discrimination towards race as stated from Animo Pat Brown Students, they don’t have the right to do this because “their job is to protect and serve” says Rosas . Alford was “ at first frightened, didn’t have the right to hit him, since he didn’t use violence” stated Miranda. Kevin Rosas explains that in order to prevent these type of abusements, they should, “get laws”, while Yolanda Miranda says that “they should take im out of duty and be put in another position”.

As a united community we are able to create a change on how our daily lives are. We can prevent such actions by “making people see what police officers do” says Miranda and “protesting in a safely way” stated Rosas. For further information about Clinton Alford please take a look at the link below.




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