Awaken, My Love!


By Jeremy Gonzalez & Bryan Coreas

Childish Gambino, originally a writer for NBC, is an actor, comedian and musician all in one. He is more famously known for his hip hop/ rap music, however his recent album drop is something out of the ordinary. On December 2nd, he released his 3rd album uniquely called “Awaken, my Love!” which genre classifies as R&B/Soul. This album is a refreshment to many listeners, considering current music without naming names, sounds like gibberish. If you’re looking for a good vibe playlist, “Awaken, my Love!” is for you.

Receiving a 79 on Metacritic, this album acts almost as an operatic album full of psychedelic soul. Breaking away from his Norms, Gambino completely abandoned the whole rap vibe and went with washed out guitars and distorted vocals. Gambino’s intention wasn’t for people to enjoy with headphones or laptop. In his unveiling of the album, he had a three-day concert in Joshua Tree, California which consisted of bright colors and a very strict ‘no Smart Phone Policy’. He clearly wanted the audience to enjoy the music rather than listen as you would with other genres. This album was meant to reach audiences, it’s purpose was to give people an escape from end of the year problems like finals, or the presidential election, and that exactly what it did for us.

Getting into specifics, there are many songs, even without lyrics that speak for themselves. In the first track, “Me and your Mama” , it is full with a slow jam vibe, which is the first major change from his previous songs. In track 6, “RedBone”, it begins with the same slow jam feel as the first, however it climaxes to piano chords and heavy guitars. These various changes in tone and mood are what makes this album credible. Like many of the songs in this album, there are very personal and love-based, which are Gambino’s norms. In previous songs like “3005”, “Telegraph Ave”, they can all relate to this album’s overall emotions.

This album was created to be something beautiful and uplifting that people can use as inspiration, inspiration to help them make it through another horrid day. In “Stand Tall” he want to tell people that “if you’re strong you can not fall” all you need to do is “smile when you can”. To me this has changed the way I see Childish Gambino, I see his music, this album as art, as something different from other music of this time. The best way I heard someone describe this album is as a combination of Pink Floyd and Queen that will warm your soul. This is definitely a new look on modern music, but we think it is a great step in the right direction.  



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