Do Senior Privileges Exist at APB?

Do senior privileges exist at APB?

By Paulina Pacheco and  Yamileth Osorio

“Senior privileges” is something I hear a lot  from freshman, sophomores and juniors. It  is the idea that the seniors can get away with more stuff than the other’s. Junior Gabriela Leyva says “They can get away with wearing a logo on a sweater but the others can’t”. Jacky Mares agrees with her peer and says “seniors don’t really follow the rules they let them slide with the uniform code”. Many will agree that they don’t really call upon their attention when they break a uniform rule.


In my opinion I don’t think there’s such thing i see the administrator’s being fair to all the students and apply the same rules.  Maybe once in awhile they let them get away with a small logo but if they were to wear something to really violate the dress code they would receive the same consequences as a freshman.

When I asked a teacher he said “ all students have the same rules applied to them no exceptions”. I agree with him because our school is very strict especially on the uniform policy and i have never seen anyone get away with breaking this dress code. Therefore the idea of senior privilege is not proven to be a real thing.

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