By: Ary Perez

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium or also known as the SBAC, 11th graders had to take this test. But many do not even know why they took the test. What was the reason for the SBAC? Well it was a test that the results would replace the state MSP test that was through third grade and eighth grade. SBAC testing in animo pat brown was overwhelming for the 11th graders. It was right after AP exams and the SAT. Most of the students were getting tired of testing, and it is hard to test all the time also gets very boring. As a current 11th grader it was getting frustrating being sitting down all the time and trying to keep focus. Not to mention that the SBAC test would get difficult as you went further along. Most student had no idea why they were testing for. Some thought it was a practice and some students  just thought it was not important. Because of that some might have not tried on the test affecting their scores. In my opinion I feel like the SBAC is not as necessary for 11th graders with all the other test going on it really adds stress to the students. The attitude towards to the test was more like just to get it over with. Many students also felt like this and it might have affected our results. The SBAC shouldn’t be for 11th graders it’s kind of unnecessary. But if they are going to continue, I suggest to make the testing days in a different month from the SAT and ap exam also educate on why they are taking it.

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