“The fun will never end”, but it just did!

If by the title doesn’t ring a bell then you’ve probably been living under rock as a child. On April 5 2010 the very first episode of Adventure Time had aired and it’s about a human named Finn and his best friend Jake the dog that has stretching powers and go on crazy adventures. Until recently on September 8th the show had aired its final one hour episode.

Of course there have been other very good shows in the past that have ended for example Regular Show ending last year on January 16 which had a final three episode special. Which was also another show we grew up with and maybe The Amazing World of Gumball which still hasn’t ended but will end after season six.

Although Adventure Time was a show that you had to keep up with because every other episode it would include an important detail that would appear in a future episode and it wouldn’t make sense but you’d just accept it.

If you would start from the very beginning then you’d have to watch 10 seasons of it. The amount of episodes of each season varies though. There will be many times where you will question what had just happened and other emotional ones as well.

The last episode was filled with so much detail that it would take too long to explain what had happened. So basically there was a war where everyone had to fight this god of evil but in their attempts to stop it they fail and so they defeated it in an unusual way which was by singing a song. It then ends off by having a montage of what’s happening after the war. After that it goes into the future where two friends on an adventure find Finns and Jakes house and the King of Ooo or as we should know as BMO tells them about the tale.

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