Reasons to be Pro-Choice

By Lissete Cisneros & Kimberly Rivera

During Roe v. Wade Supreme Court justices decided that abortion will continue to be legal. However, since the decision was made, people continue to argue that abortion is immoral.

For years, women have been suppressed from using abortion as a choice, which some may forget, is their right. In the end, we believe that women should hold the option of having an abortion because not everyone is ready or at least capable of having a child.

Abortion should be a women’s choice because in many cases women get raped and they end up getting pregnant. Children who are conceived through rape are often times resented and grow up in abusive households. Therefore in order to prevent the increase of kids growing up in an abusive household, we should give women the option to abort a child that they do not want.

Not all unwanted pregnancies come from rape. It can happen from the miseducation of teens, which leads to them dropping out of school to become responsible for the baby. Therefore in order to avoid unwanted teen pregnancies, teens should have a sex education in school in order for them to learn about the different choices they have of birth control. Majority of these teens make up the new population of low income households because they don’t hold high school diplomas and they only earn minimum wage, which isn’t enough to raise a child.  Unwanted pregnancies can also be the consequence of a woman simply forgetting to take her birth control.

According to studies by the American Psychological Association (APA), “women who were denied abortions ‘felt more regret and anger and less relief and happiness than women who had abortions. The same study also found that 95% of women who received abortions ‘felt it was the right decision’ a week after the procedure.”

Having the option to prevent a child from suffering in a life of resentment is better than forcing them to live a life they do not deserve or even placing them in the foster system. Unwanted pregnancies lead to children falling into depression, mental institutions, foster systems, drugs, and are the ones who grow up to be ‘nothing’ and ‘nobody’ with no job and no future.

Many people who oppose abortions argue that it’s a sin to have abortions, but isn’t a miscarriage also a form of abortion because it is “murder”?

In few cases, abortion can also be used to save the woman’s life. For instance, some women have very dangerous pregnancies to the point where they have to choose between their own life or the baby’s. Therefore if abortion was not allowed, we wouldn’t be able to save women who have complicated pregnancies.

In the end, women are still going to get an abortion if they feel it’s the right choice for them, therefore if we keep pregnancies legal we can at least know for sure that they are going to be safe and it won’t have any negative repercussions.

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