The Clone Wars

I never cared for Star Wars or watched its movies. I also wasn’t a big fan of shows that involved war or politics. Even if I didn’t enjoy Star Wars, a friend still recommended that I watch the action packed, popular series The Clone Wars. At first I was unsure of their recommendation but I gave it a try. My mindset changed drastically after finishing the 1st and 2nd season of The Clone Wars. It feels like a breath of fresh air, learning so much content but yet, understanding characters. 

The show dives into action and war but the causes it creates to the people, different political systems and so much more. You get to hear a point of view and think, “Wow, I totally agree with them but war is at a cost!” or “Oh my god, so that’s why they want to stop that!” You question the character’s motives and understand clearly that they either want peace,violence, or do it for money. The characters here in this show are so interesting yet they had more development and screen time from the prequel movies of Star Wars. One of my favorite character developments of this show was Anakin Skywalker. I never really liked him in the prequel films but in this show, you feel like cheering him yet, feeling empathy for him. I find it rare to break down a character and their motives but in this show, you get to understand him and how he is different from other Jedi’s, his attachments. 

As I speak about good guys, I should be talking about the bad guys too. In this show, they also develop and tell the stories of how they became Sith. Villains such as Grievous, Count Dooku , Death Watch and much more have ways that show they are enemies, not your usual one sided cartoon villains. There are times in episodes where they, the Sith, win. You get to see their perspective as it reveals their personalities and what strives them to be enemies and I love that. To me, that’s character depth and development, a way to know the villains more than the heroes of this story. As for a final statement, both Jedi and Sith are flawed and it is seen in the show and to point me, the person watching, it understands that not all systems are “perfect” and I enjoy that. If you’re a person that loves space world building, warfare or character growth/ development, this amazing show is just for you.

By: Joanna Moreno

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