BTS’ Permission to Dance makes you want to dance more

The members of the popular K-Pop group, BTS.\


By Jose Hernandez

BTS, a K-pop group with a massive following, published their single, “Permission to Dance” on July 9th, 2021; Permission to dance is—an accretion of color. From a monotone rhythm to a vibrant burst of glistening colors and tumultuous beams.

Jungkook, one of the band members, is accompanied by a piano initiating the song. The aforementioned piano bursts in the wake of Jungkook’s melodic fingerprint; as the song escalates, one-by-one, each member performs a lyric as more and more instruments appear to escalate the pacing of the song.

By the first chorus, one has the symphonic impression that this work of art brings—but wait—there’s more. The second verse adds even more suspense by slowing down the rhythm with harder drumming, tambourine and clapping.

Anytime I listen to the second verse, I can feel my body’s desire to move along to the beat and every time I have to control myself; for the second chorus—the second chorus—has a crescendo that one can only compare to a barrage of dazzling fireworks igniting in synch with a beautiful lightshow of fun and bold colors.

The instruments go into a frenzy with violin, a funky bass, synth, and guitar now in the mix; the drums hit even harder, the band members vocalize, and bursts of violin add a layer of elegance to the overall atmosphere. Jimin then triumphantly announces that you indeed do not need—permission to dance before the band members unleash a plethora of na-na-na’s. The song goes all out at it’s final chorus climax—and so do I.

Permission to Dance is a high spirited and energetic song that makes you wish there were more choruses and na-na-na’s and the enthusiastic vocalization of the members; Permission to Dance is a song that makes you want more—just to dance more—because you don’t need permission to dance.




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