Monarchs continue having Victory

On September 28,2011 a Volleyball game was held at Jackie Robinson High school against Community Harvest High School where Monarchs won 3 sets against 1.

“The game was really intense and they had a really great defense and superb serves. I was really nervous because the other team was the undefeated” said Cassandra Carillo , a volleyball player from Animo Pat Brown.

Throughout the game they remained hopeful and they were able to beat Community Harvest High school.

“I remained confident and we conquered them” said Cassandra Carillo . “ I thought we well prepared for this game because of the intense practice that we had regularly after school felt confident and we got all our serves in. We had great communication and teamwork” said Cristina Amaya, a volleyball player from APB.

So far the team has been undefeated and their team is hoping to go undefeated for the rest of the season, A round of a applause for them. Go Monarchs! Good Luck.

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