Ánimo Football Takes Center Stage

The Ánimo Football Team has gone out with a blast, they kicked of there season with a record of 5-1. They look ready to rumble in the feild. Students at APB are more enthusiastic than ever and have shown this past spirit week.
APB Football players express this season as one to remember because for many it will be their last year as student-athletes; and want to leave a legacy and a statement
on the feild this year.
APB students have been skeptical
about this years football team because of the lost in homecoming
and do not concider them a championship team.Ánimo football will soon show what they are made of.
Many Ánimo Football players say that they are very excited to see what this years football team has to offer and that they are ready for there opponents.
They say that the lost they have recieved has helped.
They say this team has helped them to become a person of good and has helped them mature as students and as person.Ánimo Monarchs are very enthusiastic what they have to offer to one another.
This will prepare them academically
as well as for life, this program has resulted a success and has helped many students improve their grades.
Ánimo Monarchs will have a very complicated season for the reason that on october 14 they will play a D-1 school, that is ranked 108 in the nation and number
4 in the state. I guess we will just have to stay with the suspense of what will be the outcome.
About the rivalry
Would you like to see a good old rivalry game?
“If you do then come support
and see the Ánimo Monarchs
go against their long time rivals”Arturo said.
November 2nd Ánimo Monarchs will be playing against their long time rivals Annenberg. Ánimo has had a rivalry for this team for the past 4 years almost since the Ánimo athletic program has been open.
This year the Ánimo Football team will be playing not only for a game but for one last chance to leave a legacy.rivals.This is a very important game because this will be a game that will leave a last statement of who is the beter team.
a very important game.
Many kmown alumni will be attending
this game on November 2nd and this game will be a very complicated game that will escalate
into very high tension.
This is not only a game but a tradition inwhich two teams will leave it all on the feild with no regrets and no ifs.
This game will determine not only who is superior but who will have an opportunity to make to the championship.
This will be a very emotuional game for the reason that we want this so bad and it is the last year for many seniors at Ánimo Pat Brown as well as Ánimo Jackie Robinson.

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