APB Students Run the Los Angeles Marthon

By: Arisbeth A.

Students Run Los Angeles is the biggest most sought out club on campus. This club requires determination, perseverance, teamwork, and dedication. This past Sunday, APB’s SRLA team demonstrated their dedication and determination by completing the 26.2 miles. Our SRLA team has been training for the LA Marathon for the past 7 month twice a week and in the end it paid off.

Many of the members of this years team aren’t new but others were. Former runners helped guide the new incoming SRLA runners. We helped them prepare for the weather and possible injuries. You can always try to prepare for the marathon but you’ll never completely anticipate what will happen. I have been on the SRLA team for four years and I can say that it doesn’t get easier at all.

Running alone makes running the marathon a lot more difficult, which is why we stress the importance of finding a running buddy. I can vouch for that advice because I have ran the past three marathons alone and it really took a toll on me.

Although running the marathon is a very difficult goal, the entire APB srla team was able to finish. During the run you may question why you keep joining and putting yourself through such a tiring and endurance heavy sport but in the end, when one is receiving that marathon medal, the SRLA sweater, and that sense of accomplishment becomes worth it.

“Its the best marathon so far and I’ve ran three. I was having fun the entire time and I kinda didn’t want it to end, which sounds really crazy. I was fortunate I had a buddy to run it with” – Octavio Gallardo, APB Senior and

“It felt like a normal run but it was still fun to do. I felt relieved that I was able to finish but also a little sad that it was my last marathon with the team.”- Bryan Coreas, APB Senior

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