Animo Cup Tournament

By: Estefanie Aquino, Emmanuel Tovar

Animo Pat Brown was part of the annual Animo Cup which took place April 28, 2018 at South Gate, Goals Soccer Center. It was a one day soccer tournament against other green dot schools. This tournament was a co-ed friendly with a rule of at least two girls per team. The APB team did a good job and they ended up getting third place. As we spoke to some students that were part of the soccer team, we found out that the teams they played against were Animo Locke, Animo Jackie Robinson, Animo City of Champions, and Animo Leadership.

As we interviewed some team members, we asked who they believed played best and Paloma Ramirez answered,” Leonel and Juan played best”. When we asked about their experience in being part of  the tournament many of them responded with “It was really fun and we hope we can do it again”. One of the players Leonel Munoz Gacias said “ I really enjoyed playing, I was with friends and we were actually competing against other schools”. Another player we asked the same question was Luis Quintero and he answered, “It was a new experience and I hope to do it again.” In the end this was a great experience for our Animo Pat Brown soccer team, for committing themselves and dedicating their time to practice after school for three times a week in order for them to be prepared.

Many people are curious to know if Animo Pat Brown will be able to have  a rematch against the same schools. As we interviewed some of the team members we were able to find out that there are plans of having a friendly game with the other schools. This game was a way to show that our Animo students can work as a team in order to accomplish a goal even though Animo Pat Brown was not first place we are proud of our team for going out there and giving their best.


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