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Google Classroom By: Estebangoogle_classroom_logo-300x300.jpg (300×300) G. , Gerardo R. , Carlos S.
Every student is accustomed to papers, books, and homework. Student’s traditional work habits include writing big assignments and reading a lot of books. However, the future is here and it is called Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a blended learning platform for schools that aim to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way. Google classroom is like a calculator in a math class. Easy to use and very organized for students. Although google classroom requires internet access, schools around the United states try to implement it in their enthusiastic classrooms. Here at Animo Pat Brown Charter High School most of the classes our students rely heavily on google classroom. In order for a student to join google classroom they need to have an access code from each teacher. This access code is an invitation to their online classroom that their teachers have generously created. Through this online classroom, students will be able to get copies of late work and also turn in assignments that are due at specific time periods. This puts an end to the lose of papers and important information because google classroom has everything organized. To add on, David Padilla a senior at APB, said that he finds google classroom very helpful because there is no need for papers, since he has a habit of losing all his papers. Our school counselor Ms.Reyes, uses google classroom in every situation needed in. She said that before google classroom students were receiving continuous amounts of information; however, not everyone was able to get the information again in case it was lost. Therefore, google classroom came in and made it easier for students to be organized. Another thing that google classroom aids students with is the access to important guides. For instance, any teacher can make a powerpoint for their students, but if a student is absent that powerpoint/guide will be on google classroom ready for the student to access it. Ms. Reyes said, “google classroom saved my life.” Clearly, we see that google classroom makes education a lot more fluid and effective.In order to understand google classroom, we have to learn from the feelings of a student.

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