A Teenager’s Emotional Rollercoaster

By: Abigail Jimenez, Angela Acosta, Anabel Ocampo

How do emotions affect one’s character?


The time period of an adolescent going through emotional changes is one of the most disastrous experiences one can go through. People constantly go through emotions one at a time during different times but during adolescence, one can experience many different emotions all at the same time. These emotional rollercoasters cause teenagers to have such reckless behavior and lead to the mentality of depression, anger, or destruction. We were curious to know about the emotions that  APB students go through in their daily lives and how it affects them.

“Some constant emotions I deal with is happiness, anger, and sadness. What causes me to feel this way is school and my family. I keep my emotions to myself because I do not like talking about how I feel. The way I deal with my emotions is by listening to music My emotions are different at school because I am always serious and at home I am happy. I feel like all emotions are the same to deal with. I am currently in a happy mood, but I am not able to control my emotions because when I get mad, I say things that I shouldn’t say,” said senior Rebecca Dominguez.

Another student said, “An emotion I constantly deal with is frustration. What causes me to feel this way is school and people because they tend to let you down a lot. I do not express my feelings with others although it is good to let stuff out, but to me I always keep a lot of stuff to myself. To deal with my emotions I always listen to music. My emotions at home is different because I don’t have to show anybody and stay in my room but at school I have to deal with all of it. The hardest emotion I deal with is sadness because there isn’t anything I can do to fix that. My emotions affect my values because I let it get the best of me sometimes and other times I might be in the moment and let it get a hold of me,” said senior Jorge Romero.

Senior, Linda Donis, said from her perspective, “I usually feel stress, anger, and sadness and I deal with my emotion by isolating  myself. When im at home i can deal with t6hem better because I’m by myself and i say im in control of my emotions. What triggers my emotions are certain situations or certain people that bother me. My emotions affect my values because you have a certain image of what you want to be but when you’re in that situation you don’t care.”

“I deal with many emotions it is either sad, mad, or happy. School causes me to feel mad because teachers are constantly being on us telling us to turn in work or just bothering us with stuff. No I don’t share my feeling with other because I constantly keep my emotions to myself because I feel like I can handle it. The way I deal with my emotions is that I usually put my stress into working out or physical education stuff. During school I’m more stressed and at home I’m more relaxed. I feel like happiness is more easier to handle over sadness or anger. Sometimes I’m not in control of my emotions because they can come at random. Sometimes my emotions may affect my friendships because I can be in a bad mood and take it out on my friends and it can cause a conflict between us and it can cause use to get mad at each other for a while,” said Freshmen, Yasmin Velez.

“I think I deal with stress more especially right now since finals are coming up. I’m trying to get my grades in… they are up and down and I’m just dealing with a lot of stress at the moment. I want to get on the right track so I won’t have to take summer school. I share my emotions with my closest friends… that I know that they are my true friends. I deal with them by just letting them all out… like if I’m irritated or in a bad mood I’ll just be irritated and that kind of gets it off but it kind of send a bad vibe to people. When I’m home and I’m irritated I just watch Netflix or just go on my phone. I think irritated is more harder to deal with cause I feel like people are just like he’s in a bad mood let not talk to him  but most of the times I’m really happy. I think I could fix my emotions. When my friends know that I’m in a bad mood they try to cheer me up.” said Anthony Garcia.


To conclude, the early years of junior high and high school are the most disastrous time periods of one’s life. Many teenagers are going through depression, excitement, anger, exhaustion, energetic all at the same time. These feelings begin to take over teenagers life, some uncontrollably and begin to act in a negative manner, leaving  a bad impression on others. Therefore, many teenagers believe it is important to speak up or listen to music in order to better handle their emotions. It is also significant for adults and teenagers to work together for emotional support and avoid any damages that can be made. Also many students believe that the treatment of others also affects their emotions in a good or bad way, depending on the treatment and it is extremely crucial for other students to think before they speak or take any action that can harmfully affect others.

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