Technology Teacher Leaving

By: Octavio Gallardo & Angelica Cortes

Have you heard the technology teacher at APB? Currently it’s Mr. Moore but he is going to be leaving soon and is being replaced by Ms. Casteneda. It may come as some kind of a shock to some students but it just the way it was meant to be.

Mr. Moore was the 9th grade technology teacher and flag football coach. He has become a liked teacher among many of his students. “I will miss certain jokes he will say” (Ernesto Cartona a 9th grader).

Among other students his leave won’t be such a big deal “It doesn’t affect me, a teacher is a teacher” (Anonymous).

Upon entering Mr. Moore’s class you can really see the charisma he has among his students and others which shows why the students enjoy his class. Although Mr. Moore is leaving its not all down in the dumps. Many students are excited
for the switch. Such as Kevin Hernandez  a 9th grader who thinks, “she’s fun”.

Most  students believe that Ms. Casteneda is new to our school but that’s just not the case. Ms. Casteneda is an alumni at APB and also a former journalism student. She understands the ins and outs of APB.

Viewing her class, she can be seen as a strict teacher, taking control of the class to meet deadlines. She may be strict but that doesn’t mean she is a boring teacher, “she is kinda fun and strict at the same time, 50%-50%” (Kevin Hernandez a
9th grader).

Mr. Moore will be leaving APB and be severely missed by his students but that doesn’t mean that the class is over. The
gears will continue to turn and the students will continue to learn.

Lastly, Animo Pat Brown welcomes Ms. Casteneda to our school with open arms.


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