How to spend Valentines alone

Oh the time is here again: everyone is in love. Valentine’s is here and all couples will have an amazing time, but what about all the single people? Do they even have a place in Valentine’s? Valentine’s focuses on the couples who are in love so what are the single people supposed to do on this day? Well there are many ways to spend this lovely day all alone and still have a great time.


  1. Netflix


Oh Netflix is just such a wonderful thing right? Well this is the perfect thing to do if you don’t have a special someone to be with. Probably the top choice for any lonely person.  You can waste hours on just watching your favorite shows or movies without any worry in the world. Also add in there some pizza or snacks to really enjoy Netflix.

  1. Hang out with your friends


You may not have a special loved one to be with but Valentine’s Day is not just about showing love to a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can also show love to friends. If you do not want to spend Valentine’s Day alone, then spend it with your friends. You can go eat, watch a movie, or whatever because it is sure to be fun

  1. Spend time with your family


Like I said Valentine’s is not just about showing love to a boyfriend or girlfriend. You can also show love to your family. If you do not have a special someone to be with on Valentine’s then spend time with your family and show them love. They do so much for you and are always there for you, so why not spend time with them and show them all the love today?

  1. Eat, eat, and eat


If your spending this day alone then just eat all day. Everyone loves to eat and it always makes us feel better.  If you’re bummed out about spending Valentine’s alone, then just use it as an excuse to eat a lot. The good thing about Valentine’s is that there are a lot of chocolates and candy, so you can just eat that (or just order an entire pizza for yourself).

Desvende os mitos e verdades sobre compulsão alimentar

  1. Spend time with cute animals


If you think humans are horrible and think Valentine’s is a dumb idea, then who else to spend it with than with a  cute kitten or puppy?. Let’s face it, these small adorable animals could cheer up anyone on any day, so if this Valentine’s you don’t have a special loved one,find a way to spend time with a cute little animal to show it love and lighten up your day.

Many of the pups lay still


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