Review On 9-1-1

By Diana Zarate, Lizbet Vargas

Lights, camera, action! Season 2 of 9-1-1 comes back with thrill and excitement for their audience. It comes back with new situations which trigger danger and real life vents. In the fall, many popular shows return for season premiers. This fall, shows returned to many networks like abc, nbc, fox, etc. For example the widely loved and popular ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ returned this fall September 27 for its 15th season.

Alongside these, 9-1-1 returned for their second season this month. It had a two night premier beginning October 1st. This show is featured on fox and has gotten many attention from many people. The first episode created a real life scenery of a 7.2 earthquake. The show revolves around the lives of firefighters and policemen going from their personal life which creates the dramatic feature of the show and the emergencies they are called into which creates the thrill and excited of the show.

It is currently on its 5th episode of the season and airs every Monday at 9pm. It features a great cast of actors such as Angela Bassett who played Athena and is portrayed as a police officer, Peter Krause as Bobby who is captain of the fire station, Oliver Stark who plays Buckley and is a firefighter. There are many other talented people who act in this series but these are some of many.

9-1-1 cast

9-1-1 is one of the most thrilling show I’ve watch, thinking of the possibilities that the actors could’ve take in the many emergencies they have. Its crazy to think that it could be a real life problem. People should watch this show since it shows real life emergencies. For example earthquakes, plane crashes, roller coaster getting stuck but it gets crazier since they included emergencies like tiger attacks, Valentine’s killer, and a snake chokehold. This show brings excitement, thrill, and crime drama in many episodes. 

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