LAUSD Strike

By: Liliana Rodriguez, Esmeralda Reyes, David Lopez
LAUSD Teachers are going on a strike. However, why are the teachers doing this? They are asking LAUSD for smaller class sizes, higher salaries, more nurses and counselors. It is harder for teachers to work with an overcrowded class. They are proposing for more teachers to be hired so the classes won’t be crowded. The teachers have a large class with about 40 students and wants a normal size class with about 30 students.The wages they work for are low. Initially, the day of the strike was going to be January 11th but they postponed it until the 14th. The teachers just want a better environment for the students to learn in so that is why they are proposing to walk out so their voices can be heard. They also want to be treated with respect which is why they are asking for a higher paycheck. So, what is going to happen with the students. Some parents are not going to send their kids to school while others will. If students go that day they will experience the absence of the teachers. If the teachers aren’t going then there’s no point for the students to go since they will not be receiving their education.

Teachers just want better wages and smaller classes to be able to teach better. Due to the strike teachers are not working so kids do not learn. So many parents decide to keep their kids at home as well to show their appreciation to the teachers. That makes a big impact because the students are not going to school so the school is not gaining money. Since the school is losing money the school and the community might start to listen because when it starts to involve money then they start paying attention. Some have said that they are even blocking the 101 freeway and preventing people from going to work. It prevents more people and bigger companies from making money. Teachers from all LAUSD are committed into making a change.

Last time teachers went on strike was in 1990 so many wanted to be apart of or document this historic event. Which shows why this strike should be getting attention and something should happen. They help educate and shape kids the future of our world. So teaching are one of the most important jobs and they should be getting the attention they deserve and they should be recognized for their amazing job and should be treated right. Students also recognize the problems so they are also helping out in the strike by uniting with the teachers and fighting for what they hope to accomplish.

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