Women’s March 2019

By Diana Zarate, Lizbet Vargas

On Saturday, January 19, women took to the streets of Downtown LA to once again protest in its 3rd annual Women’s March. Approximately 200,000 people were said to have attended this march Saturday morning. This march not only happened in Los Angeles but took place all over the country and different parts of the state. The Los Angeles Women’s march began at 10 am and people were set to meet up at Pershing Square and walk around the streets of Downtown to express themselves.


Senior Brenda Rey woke up early and ready to attend the Women’s March with a couple of her friends. “When we got to the women’s march it wasn’t really packed but as it got later more people started showing up I saw some really powerful poster, for my first women’s march it was an amazing experience.” But it wasn’t only Brenda that was in the March she had seem many other familiar faces during the March. She stated that she would definitely want to attend the Women’s March next year and years to come if she is given the opportunity to do so.


Many celebrities also advocated for this march by posting in on their social media platforms and by inviting their audience to get engaged and attend this march. For example, senior Lizbet Vargas knew about the Women’s March through social media by her favorite celebrities. By 8 am there were already a number of speakers to say a couple words before the march was said to begin and singers had also agreed to perform before the march began. “ The speeches of the many speakers were very powerful, and motivating,” stated Junior Lizzete Cruz.


The Women’s March was an opportunity to let many women express themselves and opinions that they have. People took this opportunity to stand up for an issue they believe should be changed and had fun with it when being in a positive environment with people who want the same change to happen.


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