Review Elite

By Lizbet Vargas and Diana Zarate

Elite is based on a murder scene, when three students, Samuel, Nadia, and Christian have received scholarships, due to their school collapsing. They are sent to Las Encinas which is an exclusive private school in Spain where elite families from the countries send their teens to school. The three students just arrived a few days into the new school year and the drama strikes and don’t stop for the whole years. Relationship fall apart others being, lies, cheating, drug abuse, families fall apart, fights all that and more happens in the show Elite. Later on, an unbelievable mysterious murder occurs and the policies are trying to find the murderer, everyone’s a suspect but why would they do that who would do should anything to hurt her?  


Elite is a Netflix Original that was released October 5, 2018, it has a rating of 100% rotten tomatoes. Rotten tomatoes means are referred to how many people like this show. Many people seem to enjoy it so far, and already are impatiently waiting for Season 2 to come out.  The stars are all from Spain and have an amazing accent and it is in Spanish even though it does have other languages options, also all the stars are well known for playing in other shows. There are currently 8 episodes and 1 season and are about 50 minutes long.

In my opinion Elite is one of the greatest show I ever have seen, all the action and drama makes it so interesting. Even though there are some seen that shouldn’t be there and are appropriate at all, it still brings a lot of tension into each episode. The fact of how poor and the rich world comes together in a private school, make everything collapse and the damage can’t be repaired.

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