Prom 2019

In late April 2019 APB seniors celebrated their prom, it was held at a Hilton Hotel in Long Beach. This special night was a night to remember, everyone who joined the ceremony was able to show off their best dance moves while at the same time wear their best attire.

At the start of the promenade dance, the atmosphere was at a crude dense state. Even though the music was crackin’, the first batch of seniors were afraid to commence the first dance wave. Around 7 the first dancers hit the dance floor bringing others along with them. Once the black lights were turned off, that was when the dance floor hit its maximum capacity. After killing it on the floor for 3 hours the seniors were able to generate enough heat to cook the undercooked hamburgers, which is why at the 4 hour mark, a quarter of the room stepped outside to cool off.

The night was wild and unpredictable, and so was the prom king and queen competition. There were many fine nominees but the ones who reigned supreme were none other than Jorge Lopez, and Melanie Alarcon. Although It was no surprise they won everyone cheered them on.

The highlight of prom night was when a group of cool kids formed a conga line that lasted for half an hour, the line got so long that it is was led outside. Overall prom was lit and everyone was had a good time.

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