Moonlight Review

By: J. Felix Pacheco

Without a doubt, this is most likely the movie of the year. I completely fell in love with it and its unexpected plot twist. A plot twist that to many is a taboo but to others is a normal thing. The main character Chiron is a boy who is bullied everyday and pretty much is independant as his mom is a junky. Everyday for Chiron is a bad day as a kid, because he gets chased around, and beat. In one of those days, he runs in an abandon house and the neighborhood drug dealer Juan talks him into coming out. After that, he asks Chiron where he lives and he doesn’t respond so he just takes him out to eat. Even after he took him to a restaurant and he ate, Chiron still didn’t say a word to Juan. Juan eventually got frustrated and took Chiron to his house in where we were presented to his lovely wife that somehow gets Chiron to talk. The next day they take Chiron home and they figured out the reason why Chiron was able to be out of home without parenting, was because his mother was just too busy doing drugs and selling herself. Before they left him home they told him that he could keep coming back to there for anything, anytime. After that, Chiron didn’t hesitate to go back to them and he did, so he grew up with them as his parent figures. Chiron was still always bullied as he grew up because everyone knew who his mom was and always teased him about it. In his teens, Chiron has an encounter with his only friend Kevin at the beach as they had a normal conversation but then end up kissing. This was the taboo that I was talking about, since the beginning of the movie, they talked about finding out who you really are, that what you like, or do, as long as you’re happy, is the right thing to follow. Chiron’s friend Kevin is considered a cool kid at school and is told by one of Chiron’s bullies to beat Chiron. Kevin is forced to beat him and he does. The next day after he was beat, Chiron went to school and hit the bully that sent Kevin with a chair. He gets put into the back of the cop car and the time changes to his adult self. Chiron now is a trapper and has an apprentice like we were shown the Chiron’s father figure, Juan, also had. Chiron seems to have lost purpose and he’s just surviving, but when all looks lost, he gets a phone call from Kevin. His mood immediately changed and they planned to meet up. When they meet up they eat first and talk like old friends. Since Kevin is the cook of the restaurant, they both stay till it closes and then Chiron drives him home so he won’t take the bus. In the end, Chiron tells Kevin that he has been the only person that he’s been with. They both embrace themselves tightly and so emotionally as if it was that day at the beach and it is shown to the audience that Chiron now knows his path. The movie has many message all throughout it and they were all beautifully presented. Overall, out of 10, I give this movie a 9, simply, amazing.

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