Termites at APB

According to Orkin, the actual amount of wood a termite colony can destroy depends on the type of termite, size of the colony, type of wood, the condition of...

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Abortion is immoral, and here´s why…

  Considering the level of controversy surrounding this specific topic, I believe that it would be a good idea to provide some context. I am 17. I am a...

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Holy Molly X woke up


By: Hector Guardia and Nathan Juarez

Edited by: Joseph Zapata

This Just in, Soundcloud rapper XXXTentacion just woke up from his almost 4 month slumber. After waking up in his mausoleum, X struggled for hours until gravekeepers heard his cries for help. X said these series of events were very traumatizing and scarring. When X  was in the mausoleum he said he met Jehovah himself, and he had told him “Rise again my son, rise from the ashes and flames, your time is not done yet, you must convert to Islam”. This whole experience had enlightened X, and is now making his life goal to convert his following into Muslims. His new album is called almalabis alqahbat walshiysha, with songs including Roll in war, 999 virgins in paradise, I spoke to Allah in Saudi Arabia , My daughter for your goat, X has planned to release multiple albums in the coming months as an homage to lil Peep, who overdosed on marijuana earlier this year. XXXTesticles said he wants to change the world and start a new era for Islam, where he will start a new branch of religion. X has been keeping his promise and has been donating thousands of dollars to Islamic Relief USA.

Although X has been positively influencing society, the M&Ms has been calling him out. M&Ms has been saying that he is not the real X, and is a fake. However, we have spoke to Allah and he has confirmed that he is the real X, he provided with a DNA Test.

X stated, “ I hope I can convert M&M to Islam so we can do a collaborate someday.” Overall XXX Tentacion is doing great and is hoping to inspire people to follow his cause to save the world from eternal damnation.

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Termites at APB

According to Orkin, the actual amount of wood a termite colony can destroy depends on the type of termite,...

Soccer Player accused for Rape

By Dulce Rivera

Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional Portuguese footballer who plays as forward in the team Juventus. He earned the title as the best Portuguese player of all time from the Portuguese Football Federation. Cristiano had scored his first international goal, but had also succeed in helping Portugal reach the finals. Later, in his career he received the Silver Boot for being the second highest goal scorer. Although, one wrong decision made by Cristiano may end up ruining his future career.


Back in 2009, Cristiano was in Las Vegas in a nightclub named Rain inside the Palms Hotel and Casino were he was seen with a women name Kathryn Mayorga. Later that following day, Mayorga filed a lawsuit in Clark County, Nevada that Cristiano had raped her even when she didn’t give her consent. Though the case was immediately closed.

Cristiano seen with Mayorga in the nightclub Rain.

Now after 9 years from the case being close it is now re-opened again. The Las Vegas police had re-opened the case because Mayorga is now suffering psychological damage due to the incident. According to Mayorga lawsuit Cristiano and the rest of his team had taken advantage of her weak and emotional mindset. Though Mayorga mentions that she was forced to sign a settlement and disclosure agreement back in 2009. She then later mentions how she was paid by Cristiano $375,000 to stay silent. In the beginning, according to the judge Mayorga had feared public humiliation if she had mention Cristiano as the person who raped her. Now many of Cristiano sponsors are concerned if the rape is true.

 The secret argreement signed by Mayorga and Cristiano back in 2010.

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