Apple users rejoice with iOS 5

iOS 5 is the world’s most advance mobile operating system, it has evolved throughout the years and designed by the very successful company, Apple Inc.
If you don’t know what these letters and numbers represent let us explain. iOS 5 is basically Apple’s new Operating System which most of their recent devices carry; such as the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. An operating system allows a user to perform everything in an Apple device. Without an operating system, the device would be a useless box.
Some of the many new features iOS 5 contains are: Notification Center, Newsstands, Twitter Integration, Safari Reader, Agendas depending on location, more camera options, New Split Keyboard, Wireless syncing, iMessage, iCloud, and  more camera options
iMessage is a new way in which all apple devices having iOS 5 can communicate. It’s basically an IM for  iPhone,  iPod,  and iPad users.
iCloud stores your music, photos, documents, and more. It allows you to stream them wirelessly to all your devices. This makes everything easier if you have several Apple devices, keeping you more organized.
With the new Twitter integration, you are able to tweet pictures right out of the photos app. So if you’re a constant twitter user this would be your go to feature in the new iOS 5.
Another cool feature is the split keyboardfor the iPad. The new keyboard split option makes typing easier by splitting the keyboard into two parts to type faster, since the iPad keyboard is regularly big for your fingers.
iOS 5 has added over 200 new features that takes the mobile operating system to a whole new level.