American Idol runner-up Lauren Alaina and her new album.

The album “Wildlife” by Lauren Alania was released on October 2011, selling a total of 95,000 albums in the United States so far.

Alaina was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her father was a chemical technician and her mother was a transcriptionist. Lauren started singing at a very young age because of the inspiration her mother and cousin gave her.

At the age of only 16 she was a contestant on the show “American Idol” while it was in Season 10. New York Times called her “the best singer so far this season.”

She got a record breaking 122.4 million votes during the final shows of American Idol. Unfortunately, she was the runner-up in the competition, losing to Scotty McCreery.

Her number one hit single, “Like my Mother Does”, is one out of many great songs she sings.She talks about her wanting to be like her mother and how her mother inspired her to be the strong woman she is now.

Another popular song she sings is “If I Die Young”, although she is not the original writer. The original singers are The Band Perry. The song talks about what she would want if she were to die.

“If I die young lay me down on a bed of roses” is one of the lyrics in their song.

Most of her songs talk about her religion and her mother because she grew up in a very conservative Christian family and has always had a close relationship with her mother and father.

All together her songs are wonderful and many people will like them. You do not have to like country music to like Alania and her songs. All of her songs have different meanings that people will be able to enjoy and relate to.

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