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Best scare for Halloween season

The third installment to the frightening Horror Movie franchise, Paranormal Activity 3, is sure to bring up the hair on the back of your neck.

The first movie is more of a present day representation. The second and third movie goes deeper into the background of main characters Katie and Kristi’s, who have been haunted by a demon since their childhood. It explains the past and how all the “Paranormal Activity” began.

The first movie, which came out in 2007, began with Micah, Katie’s boyfriend, and Katie living together. Micah notices strange unexplainable things happening to Katie; he begins to film her in order to figure out and stop all the haunting that’s being done to her.

The second movie, which came out last year, is a back story to how Katie became cursed.

Kristi, Katie’s sister, appears and she end’s up being a really important character in Paranormal Activity 3. The same demon that appeared in the first movie wants Kristi’s baby boy. We see the movie through security cameras in their house. Kristi then passes the curse to Katie causing the incident in the first movie.

The third movie goes back even further to show Katie’s and Kristi’s childhood and how Katie first came in contact with the demon “Toby.”

Katie’s mother, Julie, thought it was just her imaginary friend. But Dennis, Julie’s boyfriend, took interest in it and began to leave cameras in different parts of the house. The cameras record unexplainable events similar to the events of the first two movies.

They decide to move into Julie’s mother’s home as a result, where everything begins to get worse.

The movie was able to explain a lot to how the first and second movie happened. It was enjoyable and would have anyone screaming.

The commercials on the other hand is able to get anyone excited to watch the movie. Even though most of the scenes in the commerial, like Katie and Kristi playing Bloody Mary in the bathroom, did not come out on screen. Instead the scene came out with Kristi and her babysitter.

That might have been the only disappointing part of the whole experience. In the end this movie should be watched by anyone who has seen the first 2 parts and for those who just want to get a good Halloween scare.

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