Mindless Behavior on the rise

Mindless Behavior is a group that was created in 2008 by Conjunction Entertainment Inc. The members are Princeton, Ray Ray, Prodigy and Roc Royal.

All members had talent from the start. Roc Royal started rapping when he was eight-years-old. Princeton started coming out in commercials for Skechers, McDonalds, Nike, and also music videos since he was four-years-old. Prodigy has great dance skills, vocal skills, and the ability to learn new styles with ease. Ray Ray had the chance to learn from the legendary L.A. battle dancer Tommy the Clown.

Their music has a mixture of R&B, pop and hip hop. They recently released their CD #1 Girl on September 20Th 2011. One of the songs was “Mrs. Right” feat. Diggy Simmons.

The song gets catchy after listening to it for a while. This song has more of a hip hop style. In the song “Mrs. Right”, they sing “Where is Mrs.Right I gotta see her, travel all across the world just to meet her. Get me on flight I gotta see her, travel all across the world just to meet her”.

An opinion is that they are too young to be singing about looking for the love of their life. They should sing songs that are appropriate for their age, for example crush songs.

They are the new and younger version of B2K. This song is recommended to those who like an R&b and hip hop mix. If interested to hearing this song, it’s now available on YouTube.

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